Barilaro’s taxpayer funded

junket to New York

With the small town blues melting away, NSW taxpayers have a right to be angry that they are footing the bill for John Barilaro’s band new start and plush new job in New York - not forgetting the $500,000 taxpayer funded salary that goes with all the other lurks and perks.

21 June 2022



WHILE the cost of living skyrockets - groceries, electricity and fuel - and people struggle to make ends meet, pork barrelling and ‘jobs for mates’ is soaring in the Perrottet Government. The former NSW Deputy Premier was at a lose end and in typical Liberal Government fashion ‘a job for an old mate’ materialised  - with Barilaro's net worth around $4 million, it wouldn’t be proper to have a Liberal mate on his ‘uppers’.


NSW Labor has now called out the jobs for mates in the Liberal Government’s decision to appoint former Deputy Premier – John Barilaro to a plush taxpayer funded job in New York City


Mr. Barilaro was the former Minister who set up these positions before he left Parliament and now he gets himself appointed to the job he originally set up.


Giving a more than $500,000 a year plum job to a former political mate plus tens of thousands more in add on expenses in one of the most expensive cities in New York says everything about this nearly 12 year old Liberal Government.


They have not changed or will ever change. The Liberals don’t respect taxpayers’ hard earned dollars, pork barreling still exists, and nepotism at taxpayers’ expense is just normal business practice.


Shadow Minister for Trade, Anoulack Chanthivong said “It is an unprincipled cunning political stitch up to create a job when you were the Minister, leave it vacant for a period of time, and then ask your political mates to appoint you to the job.”


“The Liberals are snollygosters who are just in it for themselves and wasting taxpayers money to do it,” he said.


“Real wages are going backwards, inflation is running hot, and cost of living is going through the roof but yet the Liberals find the time and money to do a favour for a political mate to enjoy his retirement in New York.”


“The Premier must explain to taxpayers if this passes the pub test."


John Barilaro’s cushy appointment says everything about Dominic Perrottet and his Government. A government that gives their friend a taxpayer funded job while at the same time giving workers across the state a real wage cut.


The position, which did not go to cabinet, was created by Barilaro when he was trade minister.


Labor leader Chris Minns said Barilaro’s appointment “represents everything that is wrong with the NSW Liberals and Nationals after 11 years in government”.


“This is Dominic Perrottet’s captain’s pick and he will be held accountable,” Minns said.


“How can you get appointed to a high-paying trade commissioner job - a job set up by John Barilaro before he left office - without that going to cabinet?”


Does Dominic Perrottet really expect taxpayers to believe that of 8 million people in NSW, Barilaro is the best person to represent the State?


The NSW upper house will now hold an inquiry into a plum New York posting handed to former deputy premier John Barilaro, amid outrage from Liberal MPs at Premier Dominic Perrottet’s captain’s pick.

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