Morrison’s bungled booster rollout

Scott Morrison has learned absolutely nothing from the debacle on vaccines earlier this year and now he risks making all the same mistakes when it comes to the booster program. Australians shouldn't be held hostage to the Prime Minister's incompetence on vaccines and boosters once again.

21 December 2021



AUSTRALIA is facing a fourth wave of COVID-19 as the Omicron variant rages all around the world and it has become increasingly clear that a speedy and effective booster program is crucial for protection against this new variant.


Scotty – ‘the-would-be-great’ – is out and about in full election mode, patting himself on the back, and boasting that he is delivering jobs and jabs but it is now evident that he is woefully underprepared for the growing Omicron variant.


The biggest risk to the country’s recovery is another Morrison stuff-up on vaccines. The biggest risk to the country’s economic recovery is Scott Morrison making the same mistake on boosters that he made with the vaccine program earlier this year.


Yet, it seems that Morrison is again running true-to-form again. Christmas is fast approaching and Australians are being held hostage to the Prime Minister’s booster jab incompetence.


There are 70 countries that measure their booster rollout; we are 65th-best out of 70 countries. There are a million booster shots in people's arms when the Government said there will be 4 million by the end of this month. So, in six weeks, we've done one million with a little over a week to go before the end of the month. Scotty ‘Never-Tell-a-Lie has stuffed up again and is millions of jabs short of the four million booster target promised.


But Morrison’s incompetence gets even worse! Last week the Prime Minister changed the eligibility for boosters from 6 months to 5 months but has still failed to deliver the extra doses that GPs and pharmacists need to meet that extra demand.


At the same time, Scotty ‘Never-Tell-a-Lie’ has been exposed for splashing billions and billions of taxpayer’s dollars on electoral rorts while slashing funding to GPs and pharmacists for delivering the crucial booster shots. Cuts of 30 per cent to GPs and 40 percent for pharmacists to deliver critical booster shots compared to what they were being paid for the second shot.  Morrison is ‘nickel and diming’ hard working GPs and pharmacists precisely at the time that he is splashing billions of dollars around on electoral rorts. ‘Nickel and diming’ when it’s essential that Australians who are eligible for booster shots receive them.


Four million Australians are due for their Covid booster shots by the end of December, millions more by the end of January, yet Morrison fails to understand the importance of protecting Australians. Scott Morrison is more focused on himself and his shallow promises and election hoopla rather than lead the country.


And while Scott Morrison pretends that he cares GPs and Pharmacists, right around the country, are reporting a shortage of booster doses and patients are reporting an inability to get a booking because of the vaccine shortages.


Scott Morrison’s failure and inability to deliver on his announcements means that ATAGI and our Health professionals don’t have the flexibility that they might need in the future for the booster program. A real problem since the Imperial College London has now said that there was no evidence that Omicron is less severe than Delta.


Omicron is more infectious that previous variants and has the ability to evade antibodies or vaccines or previous infections. It is a very dangerous variant. But what is still unknown, is it less severe than the Delta variant and other variants of the Coronavirus? So, why is Morrison again inadequately unprepared?


Australians have already faced long lockdowns because Scotty ‘Never-Tell-a-Lie’ said the vaccine rollout wasn’t a race. Yet despite Morrison’s monumental failure getting the vaccine rollout up and running, Australians have still worked hard over the past six months to put in place world leading vaccination numbers that have allowed the lifting of lockdowns and reopening of our borders, as well. But in order to lock in those freedoms that Australians worked so hard to achieve, the country needs the Prime Minister to deliver on the booster program.  At the moment, in true Morrison form, he is way behind schedule.


Scotty ‘Never-Tell-a-Lie’ says he takes responsibility for what he says are the “regrettable” vaccine rollout problems. “Those delays are regrettable,” Morrison said. “I take responsibility for the problems that we have had…”


Taking responsibility is one thing but to deliver on the vaccines is another. The Government has said that there is enough booster vaccine supply available and the Chief doctors have said the same booster shots can be delivered to the people who are eligible. But the Prime Minister just hasn’t made sure that he is delivering the doses to where they need to be. The question is, why? Taking responsibility is just more Morrison BS to wriggle out of a difficult situation.


And let’s not forget that it has been the States that have been doing the heavy lifting during the pandemic, not Scott Morrison and his government! With Scott Morrison it’s all about the announcement, but always too late with the delivery!

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