MPs yet to act on their taxi industry pledge

Despite all Central Coast MPs signing the NSW Taxi Industry pledge, which calls on the Government to support the fair and proper compensation of all Taxi Licence Owners who lost the value of their licences in 2016, the Perrottet Government is yet to start negotiations with the industry.

21 June 2022


CRITICISM has surfaced after three Liberal MPs themselves, including Adam Crouch MP, Member for Terrigal and Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, have not pushed their Government to start the conversation on how to effect the Taxi Industry’s calls.


Andrew Nicholas, who invested $365,000 in a taxi licence plate feels ripped off by the Government.


“In my individual case I actually walked up to a government office, handed over my bank cheque of $365,000 and received my receipt. I’m old fashioned and I was very careful in my selection of who to put my trust in,” said Mr. Nicholas.


“I’m aware that businesses have ups and downs and that there’s market competition but hey, I invested in the Government so that’s got to count for something, right?


“I studied politics when I was at university; I believe in the rule of the law and due process but I think, in all honesty, I got stung.


“In 2014 I was at a conference at the Novotel and I remember Andrew Constance, who was transport Minister at the time said you can trust us, you are us and we are you, but that’s clearly not the case.


“Right now my licence plate is almost worthless, even if someone wanted to buy I would probably get around $50,000.


“The fact is the Government set the price, I bought it directly from them and it is only fair they give my money back. The Government took my money, no one else. I don’t care about getting a payment in line with inflation, all I want is for my money to be given back.


“I am a very pragmatic person but hey if the government told us to trust them and if they want credibility, give us back our money. You took it, the simple solution is to give it back.”


Member for Terrigal Adam Crouch, and a member of the NSW Liberal Government and Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast, need to more than just sit on his hands.


Why? Because there are other people in the community like Andrew who are still paying the price for the NSW Government changes that left people overnight at a loss of thousands of dollars in 2016.


Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch said “If you have signed the pledge you actively need to engage in discussions to effect a change, not smile with a piece of paper and do nothing about it.


“I am calling on the Parliamentary Secretary for the Central Coast to represent the community and ensure his Government answer to the calls of the NSW Taxi Industry.”

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