Three diverse exhibitions

The creation story of 'Darkinjung Ngurra’

10 June 2022


Three diverse exhibitions exploring connections of female friendship, hidden histories and stories of creation opens today at the Gosford Regional Art Gallery.


Barbara Cleveland ‘Thinking Business’ - 11 June 2022 – 7 August 2022


Thinking Business is an exhibition by members of the Barbara Cleveland collective, that explores forms of female friendship, collaboration and artistic labour. The project takes its title from Hannah Arendt’s description of her friendship with Mary McCarthy.


As Arendt wrote, “it’s not that we think so much alike, but that we do this thinking-business for and with each other.” This idea of an intellectual and creative connection between women is at the centre of this project, which focuses on the 15-year-long working relationship between the members of Barbara Cleveland.


A free gallery walk and talk tour with the members of Barbara Cleveland will be held on Saturday, 11 June from 11am at Gosford Regional Gallery with exhibition ‘Thinking Business’. No booking required


Darkinjung Ngurra’ (Country) – Women’s Spirit Connection


This is an exhibition by members of Mirring Aboriginal Corporation, Darkinjung’s Aboriginal women’s group. The exhibition aims to immerse participants in the creation story of 'Darkinjung Ngurra’. Here on the Central Coast we are surrounded by thousands of ancient stories and Songlines criss-crossed throughout our landscape depicting travelling routes, food, water, ceremony and epic events that happened within the Central Coast.


The local sacred art site at Bulgandry to the west of Gosford tell us how to survive, to tread softly on Country, to respect life and spiritual connection to place.


At Bulgandry, the story of Baiyami is told through the engravings. Baiyami is the father and creator in dreamtime legends. Standing with arms out, moon and morning star in each hand, Baiyami has a belt across his waist, representing the belt of life – such as the cord which connects between mother and child.


Before the Earth itself was born and the Milky Way flowed across the nightsky, Baiyami travelled in his canoe across the Milky Way to a dark space bringing with him two of his wives Ganhanbili and Birrangulu.


He descended on the mountain of Yengo, and from there the Earth began to awaken as did the creatures, rainbow serpent, plants and the Morning star – the first light, before he returned to the Milky Way once more, where the Emu reveals itself throughout June.


Upside Down Man


Upside Down Man is a site-specific installation by multimedia artists Kevin “Gavi” Duncan and Ryan Lee, inviting the viewer to consider the hidden history of colonisation on the Central Coast. The title of the work is conceived from the Upside Down Man Cave in Popran National Park, where lies a carving of an upside down (Aboriginal) man - a record of the ‘bastinado’ punishment taking place here on the Central Coast.

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