Unexpected withdrawal

from basketball competition

On Monday, 28 March 2023, concerned families associated with Central Coast Waves Basketball Association (CCWBA) contacted the Office of David Mehan, Member for The Entrance, regarding the organisations unexpected withdrawal and suspension of trading for the remaining 2023 competition.

5 April 2023


THE unexpected withdrawal of Central Coast Waves from remaining in the 2023 competition was due to the association’s ongoing financial stability and legacy debt that the CCWBA Board had been attempting to resolve.


Last Thursday night, David Mehan received the attached statement from Maria Nordstrom, CEO of Basketball NSW in response to his representations on behalf of the many disappointed families.


Basketball NSW, Central Coast Basketball Inc and Central Coast Council are now assisting CCWBA’s domestic and representative players to complete their respective season.




The Central Coast Waves Basketball Association (CCWBA) recently contacted Basketball NSW, expressing concerns about the association's financial stability. The CCWBA board has been attempting to resolve some of the legacy issues without incurring further debt.


The CCWBA board informed association members on March 28 that it had decided to suspend all trading.


Basketball New South Wales is working closely with the CCWBA board to have the association's finances audited, while the association takes measures to ensure plans are in place to reduce its debts.


Central Coast Basketball Inc (CCB), who play out of the Breakers Indoor Sports Stadium in Terrigal, has approached Basketball NSW and offered an opportunity for the 2023 CCWBA representative players to play out the remainder of their Spalding Waratah League season under their management, to which Basketball NSW has agreed. The details of this will be communicated with the parent group and youth league players shortly.


Basketball NSW is working with the Central Coast Council regarding the finals of the current CCWBA domestic competitions being completed, more information with regards to this will be announced shortly.


Governance of associations


The CCWBA is a separate legal entity; the CCWBA board is responsible for managing the affairs of the association in accordance with its constitution and the Associations Incorporation Act 2009 (the Act).


The role of an association board includes managing the association's financial affairs, maintaining financial viability and ensuring the association meets all legal and regulatory requirements, including acting in accordance with its objects.

In managing their own financial affairs, the board of an association is required to ensure the association complies with applicable financial reporting requirements, including annual reporting to members, NSW Fair Trading and other government authorities.


A fundamental role of the board of an association is to ensure there are reasonable grounds to believe the association will be able to pay its debts as and when they become due, and to oversee the preparation of true and correct financial statements outlining the performance of the association, including (if required) an independent audit. Next steps Basketball NSW is working closely with CCWBA to facilitate an audit of the association's financial position.


Basketball NSW will continue to work with the directors of CCWBA, and we will look to hold a meeting of the members in the coming weeks. The auditing of the financial accounts of the CCWBA will take some time. Basketball NSW will make further comment once that has occurred.


For any members who feel they need support and someone to talk to can call Sports Chaplaincy Australia on 1300 518 058.

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