Volunteer organisations step up to the plate

As the rising cost of living continues to impact families across the Central Coast volunteer organisations like Mary Macs and St Vinnies have stepped up to the plate in the absence of any State Government support.

17 December 2021


A GOOD Samaritan, whose name is Clarke and who has been living in Woy Woy for over 25 years, said his new experience of people struggling to survive brought home the reality of just how dire the rising cost of living is for many people.


“In the first instance a nodding acquaintance approached me outside the supermarket at Woy Woy and we exchanged the usual greeting,” Clarke said. “He then went very quiet and he said I’m going to have to ask you for some help.


“I’ve run out of money and can’t afford the shopping today. I was hoping to bump into someone I know but most of my friends are in the same state.”


Clarke said the man kept on apologising.


“Last Friday another incident happened. Again I said hello to someone I usually address and this time the man seemed reluctant to engage. I pushed for what happened and he said I don’t have any money to get the shopping today. This time his demeanour was really bad and he was almost in tears,” said Clarke.


“I tried to help as best could.”


Woy Woy St Vincent De Paul Society have seen an increase in the need for assistance, with lots of new families who lost their jobs in the pandemic and are struggling to get back into the work force.


Services Woy Woy St Vincent De Paul Society offer include food services, referrals to assist with Housing, facilitating necessity orders including bedding and linen, providing clothing and referrals to other services for loans and meals.


Mary Mac’s Place in Woy Woy is another organisation stepping in to assist the vulnerable, providing meals, a place to shower and wash clothes, companionship to those in need and extending a helping hand with no judgement.


Member for Gosford, Liesl Tesch says while the work of these organisations is heart-warming and beyond appreciated it should not be their job to have their resources stretched as the cost of living rises and the demand for additional affordable housing increases.


“Hearing from St Vincent’s that our community is struggling, seeing a definite increase in the amount of families reaching out for help is the unfortunate reality,” said Ms Tesch.


“This Government has sat on their hands and still do as they continue to assist the rising cost of living as they privatise public assets as part of their short sighted plans.


“The reality is that our local families are struggling in their day-by-day expenses and like Clarke has observed, there’s a definite influx of need in our community.”


“I am so grateful for the support they extend to our vulnerable locals. I also extend my gratitude to people like Clarke who make an effort to stop and check up on people in need and point them in the right direction.


“While I continue to put pressure on the NSW Liberal Government to prioritise urgent investment in social and affordable housing and deliver improved support, if anyone you know or come across needs help please point them in the direction of our wonderful local services.”

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